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Pool Distribution


Ensenda pool distribution services are available for all types of freight across all industries.  Our distribution and cross-docking services helps lower rates, create shorter transit times and reduce handling.

Manufacturer Reduces Fleet Costs with Ensenda Pool Distribution

A large window manufacturer was experiencing smaller order sizes from their customers as a result of the down economy.  It was becoming increasingly more costly and time consuming to have their fleet make multiple stops to clients with the smaller orders needed to fill their trucks.  Drive times, mileage charges, and stop charges, were on the rise, while customers were in no position to pay more for their deliveries or receive products later than scheduled.

Ensenda customized a pool distribution solution for the manufacturer that would allow for maintaining service levels while reducing costs.

With the use of our Carrier Management function and network of pre-qualified local carriers with cross docks, Ensenda was able to train our carriers to adjust to the unique handling characteristics of windows and make timely and cost effective local deliveries.  The manufacturer’s fleet only had to make one stop at our dock to cover an entire state’s geography for deliveries to their customers.  Their fleet trucks drove fewer miles, incurred less stop charges and returned faster to the factory to perform other work.  The end customers received the high levels of service they were accustomed to without increased rates or longer delivery times.

Ensenda is a leading provider of pool distribution and last mile delivery services for many manufacturers that ship their products to local markets nationwide.

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